Poudre is a collection of table or wall mirrors in three models.
The back is decorated with a geometric theme made by hand by craftsmen skilled in the processing of scagliola. Each mirror rests on a marble base.
Poudre and Poudre Oval rest on a base in white Carrara marble.
Poudre Collection Duo rest on a black Marquina marble base. Poudre Collection (in French powder), is inspired by the pastel shades of the traditional powder compacts very popular in the 40s.
Poudre also means powder, a clear reference to the artistic technique of scagliola that uses selenite powder. The mirror has two sides, on one side it can be used to mirror oneself while on the other side it is a decorative object.
Poudre Collection is part of the Episodic Memory series – 125 msl composed of objects born from the reinterpretation of fragments of memory, from lived experiences kept in real drawers and in the “drawers of memory” of childhood.

Atelier Macramè

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Dimensions 140 × 100 × 2 cm