Ritualis is a collection of candle holders made of a single ultra-thin sheet of bronze. The bronze sheet is wrapped around the candle like a screen, a mask, or dress so as to embellish the candlelight and create a set of shadows. Ritualis are intriguing small sculptures, fascinating when the candle is unlighted and surprising when the candle is lighted up. Their particular shape is the result of a research keen on giving the maximum visual effect when the sheet of bronze is coiled. In fact Ritualis, as well as all Metallodolce products, are delivered as a flat sheet. They reveal their beauty just once the product is assembled.

Ritualis Candleholders Delisart



Lugano | Switzerland

Giulio Parini is a designer sharing his time from Lugano to Geneva, Switzerland. Awarded by the Bally scholarship (2015), he dedicates himself to the creation of his brand of poetic lighting Metallodolce.
He projects halfway between design and anthropology, where encounters with what is other than himself are opportunities for investigation and openness.

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