What looks as a solid pile of 6 wooden planks on top of each other is in fact only 1 solid wooden plank (the top one) and just the outlines of the other 5 planks so that the interior of the bench is in fact empty. This construction technique has been used to save material which results in a more sustainable and a less heavy object.
The bench has been further carved and sculpted with a wood grinder tool, the top has been polished and as final step, three even layers of black matte stain have been applied.

The inspiration behind this work is connected to the aesthetics of the Japanese movement Mono-ha. The designer wanted to create a sculpted bench that would look minimalist and crafted at the same time and be composed of the same repeating element. The shape was inspired by piles of wooden planks that she often sees stacked together in industrial context. Dessy employed traditional wood carving techniques in a modern way and used the colour black to define the piece and give more depths to the shadows created by the sculpted shapes.


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