Hand Tufted Collection

The geometric motifs of Moorish design often incorporate star-like patterns in deep, jewel tones. This design is inspired by the exquisite architecture of Moroccan riads, which fuse indoor and outdoor, skyline and sky, and the manmade with the natural.

Densely hand tufted from luxurious New Zealand wool (34%) and viscose yarn (66%), providing a lustrous sheen alongside comfort and softness.

All designs can be custom made for bespoke requirements. Please note that shipping costs vary depending on the size.

Available in four different sizes:

47.20 x 70.90 in / 120 x 180 cm: USD 930

66.90 x 94.50 in / 170 x 240 cm: USD 1’550

78.80 x 118.10 in / 200 x 300 cm: USD 2’250

26.40 x 90.60 in / 67x 230 cm: USD 570


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