The coffee table is freely inspired by the aesthetics of Ancient Greece. Devoted to ancient Greek architect Iktinos. Designed, sourced and hand-crafted in Czech Republic.

The tables Kalokagathos represent the dialogue between the aesthetics of ancient Greece and the aesthetics of Slovene architect Jože Plečnik’s work. I view him as the archetype of a timeless personality, an artist and a visionary who, in his late oeuvres, significantly reflected upon various classical influences.

The presented coffee tables are part of the ‘Eclecticism’ collection, in which I pursue the relation between history and the present. Every piece from the collection is loosely inspired by a particular style or a movement from the past, and simultaneously, refers to a singular personality closely linked with the given era.
Every object is the unique original.

Jiri Krejcirik

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Dimensions 57 × 33 × 65 cm



Cherry Wood