Deemed Celestial Sculptures, these reflective works transport viewers to alternate dimensions. Ranging in both composition (some comprise a single circle, while others feature several that seamlessly interlock) and tone (the artist appears to prefer pastel palettes, though he also experiments with bolder colors).



Hong Kong

Inspired by Quantum Physics and Zen Philosophy, French Artist, Lyès questions our perceptions of reality through his paintings, photography, and light installations, with a propensity for monumental painting.
“I love when art expands in space and becomes our environment, surrounding us, unifying us, taking us to another reality.”
Born in 1978, in France, Lyes began his career as a street artist. He curates and exhibits his work internationally.
In 2012, Lyès conceptualized, Source Project, an ongoing art exploration actively creating positive connection in the world, spreading love, joy and mindfulness through his art.

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