Delisart Exclusive ‘Bicolour Collection’

The ‘Bottle’ Collection is immediately recognizable as a Paola Paronetto creation and add impact to any space, whether small or large. Play with heights and colours to bring life to your interior.

The ‘Cartocci’ collection is the work of renowned Italian artist Paola Paronetto. Unique paper clay ceramic sculptures, each piece with its own distinct personality and handmade in her studio in Italy. The method she uses to create these outstanding pieces of art, is known only to herself and her small team, ensuring the exclusivity of her style and the pieces themselves. Immediately recognizable as a Paola Paronetto, each piece offers nuance and exclusivity making them the perfect addition to any interior design project whether residential or commercial.

Paola Paronetto

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Dimensions 140 × 100 × 2 cm