The Chiodo series is a large collection that comes from the idea of ​​a “fixed nail”: all the objects have the same shape but different dimensions and functions.
Chiodo 4 can be used as a living room table, bedside table or stool based on personal taste or space requirements.
Practical, light and handy, it is also ideal for decorating the outdoors.
Chiodo 4 is perfect if used as a stool for Chiodo 7 or as a trio of tables combined with Chiodo 5 and Chiodo 6.

Chiodo 4 is made of iron and welded by hand, available in white or black, indoor or outdoor. The Indoor version is spray painted, the Outdoor version is galvanized and powder coated.

Marco Ripa:
Atypical Blacksmith

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 43 cm