For this first «Kin Sabi» coffee table collection, Ombre d’Or Studio was inspired by the Japanese ceramics repair technique called Kintsugi, which consists in restoring porcelains or other broken ceramics with a golden lacquer. In this project directly inspired by the Wabi sabi Wabi which refers to the fullness and modesty that one can experience in the face of nature.

The coffee table consists of a brushed brass structure, it is decorated with a broken concrete top, repaired thanks to the kintsugi technique. Concrete, on the other hand, is a mineral material contrasting by its sobriety with the brilliance of the brass that will fade over time and thus reveal its “imperfect beauty”. Finally, the cracks dressed in a golden lacquer enhance the object, and offer it a unique character, each repair being the result of a random break.

Please note that the brass can be varnished as an option and has not undergone any treatment, it is destined to acquire a patina over time to correspond to the spirit of the Wabi Sabi. Nevertheless the surface of the brass is brushed to give it a satin aspect and a layer of wax is applied to delay the oxidation of the brass.

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Kinsabi Coffee Table 02

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 51 cm