The limited collection of glass objects. Could serve as jewellery boxes / candy boxes / small vases.
Glass objects, created of upcycled traditional bohemian hand-cut glass in combination with new, mouth-blown objects.

Every object is one of a kind, signed and handmade in Czech Republic.

Royal Blue Vase Delisart



Prague | Czech Republic

Jiří Krejčiřík, born in 1989, is a multidisciplinary designer based in Prague.
He has experience working for international studios and brands as well as cooperating with private clients.
He works across a variety of projects ranging from art direction to glass design, lighting objects and furniture. Additionally, he focuses on interior design, product design and installations.
His work encompasses everyday products, gallery objects and limited series. He is particularly interested in the value of local cultural heritage – the visual dialogue between history and the present, and their associated aesthetics.

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