Le Morandine project is a conceptual work that, through design, reappropriates the poetics of Giorgio Morandi, to bring back to the three-dimensionality the objects that he represented in his still lifes. A “work in progress” which, over time, involves the insertion of new shapes and colors in relation to objects and space, starting from Morandi and going beyond Morandi. The colors, available within a wide palette, are offered both in the typical Morandi neutral shades or even in more contemporary nuances and also in a precious metallic variant. Each vase bears a monogram that guarantees its originality. As they are entirely hand made, small variations in shape, size, weight and color may occur, as the hallmark of the uniqueness of each object.

Sonia Pedrazzini | Le Morandine

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Dimensions 140 × 100 × 2 cm