It’s a tribute to the Stone Age – when human identity, social progress and behavioural modernity developed with the first useful tools. Alissa Volchkova is here defying the notions of beauty – usually associated to perfection, regularity and symmetry, using marble – considered today as luxurious – in a paradoxical, irregular and imperfect way. Through this rough approach my aim is to challenge our perception of this precious matter, usually presented already perfectly cut, polished and shiny. The beautiful nature of the stone is here paradoxically revealed by the machines and human hands through the cutting and polishing techniques. Geometric cuts with straight lines are contrasting with the natural irregular and rough ones, revealing the digitalisation of the process. Once cut and polished, the colours of the marble change, become brighter and darker, the veins/pattern of the stone are more visible.

1 hole: from $770
3 holes: from $880
9 holes / Hanoukia: from $1’220

Any colour and size possible – Please note that each piece is unique, it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same.

Alissa Volchkova

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Dimensions 25 × 30 × 30 cm