The B 22 are trays made by the Italian furniture company De Castelli in three finishes: Steel – brass – copper.
Limited edition of 9 pieces for each finish.

A soft metal curve with a shiny, reflective surface, a central laser cut that creates a shadow line. It is a centerpiece tray in large format, in 3 different metal finishes to choose from: Steel, essential and contemporary; Brass, precious with golden flashes and finally Copper, warmer and pinker.

The B 22 are limited edition, designed to be wrapped in an ever-changing fabric packaging to make the tray / jewel even more precious.

The packaging consists of a hand-stitched Rubelli Venezia fabric runner (each runner is different from the other) The tray is contained in a rough cardboard box with the B-22 logo.

Barbara Schweizer

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Dimensions 26 × 23 × 29 cm