The Chiodo series is a large collection that comes from the idea of ​​a “fixed nail”: all the objects have the same shape but different dimensions and functions.

A round table with clean lines. The lightness of the thin line of the top is in contrast with the robust structure of the body. The smooth surface and the solid color will make any table decoration stand out. Available in two different finishes.
Chiodo 7 is a table with a simple and clean style, with a very thin top, which gives the object a sense of lightness, although it is actually very sturdy and rigid.

Choosing the outdoor option, Chiodo 7 becomes an outdoor table, perfect for both gardens and terraces, and for kitchens and living rooms. Chiodo 7 is made of iron and welded by hand, available in white or black, indoor or outdoor.

Marco Ripa:
Atypical Blacksmith

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Chiodo 1, 2, 3

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Chiodo 5 Black

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Chiodo 7 Black

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Dimensions 140 × 140 × 80 cm