Fun House is a modular system in iron sheet. The kit consists of four cubes and a parallelepiped that are assembled using magnets, available in three different finishes. Each piece can perform different functions: Shelf, pouf, table, bookcase, container and can be attached to the other with magnets, creating a composition that extends vertically or horizontally. The same cubes can also be used individually as an ottoman or as bedside tables. The parallelepiped can act as a table for the living room or as a bench-like seat. Space-saving function: the parallelepiped can contain 2 cubes inside, to be hidden and pulled out if necessary. Fun House is made of iron and welded by hand.

Please specify at check-out if you would like to have the metal painted (white or black) or leave it natural.
The technique chosen for the painting of this object is with powders. When instead the sheet is natural, a beeswax treatment is applied.

Marco Ripa:
Atypical Blacksmith

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Cube – Fun House

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Parallelepiped – Fun House

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Supermodular – 2 columns

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Dimensions 100 × 70 × 70 cm