The Pru Dressing Screen is inspired by a 1920’s style. This statement piece will inject Hollywood glamour into every space, whether used as a standalone piece of art or as a sophisticated room divider. Crafted entirely by hand due to its unique circular design, the Pru Dressing Screen features adjustable crescent-shaped side panels that enable it to fold away when not in use. It is beautifully upholstered in luxurious silk-blend satin and accented with a brushed brass frame.

All ROOME LONDON’s furniture is made to order at their workshops in Norfolk, where highly skilled artisans apply time-honoured techniques to create functional pieces of art. Each order is unique and you can choose between a collection of 13 exquisite prints and fine art illustrations from world-class fashion designers, illustrators and artists including Sophie Ward, Amy Molyneaux, FELDER FELDER and Tomas Baleztena.


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Dimensions 106 × 35 × 160 cm