In these unique furniture elements, Marzia Boaglio opted for the use of different types of natural woods used by skilled Italian craftsmen through the inlay technique. To respect the material as much as possible, the chromatic variations are given by the choice of different essences.

Sotto/Sopra can be conceived as a door layer or ornamental panel. It allows us to play with this panel and make it live either horizontally or vertically. It represents the place where many rules are subverted or reinterpreted, what is below, can be above, shadows come to life. For this reason this work can be rotated, be placed vertically or horizontally, its strength does not change.

Marzia Boaglio

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Bespoke Door Inlaid Panel

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Bene/Male Side Table

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Vittoria Large Box

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Dimensions 80 × 3 × 200 cm