The study and research of recent years have led to the birth of the Love Collection, made up of unique and original works, expertly applied to refined and contemporary furnishing elements, integrated into any environment. In these unique furniture elements, Marzia Boaglio opted for the use of different types of natural woods used by skilled Italian craftsmen through the inlay technique. To respect the material as much as possible, the chromatic variations are given by the choice of different essences.

This represents the end of every conflict, interior or otherwise; it’s the positive end of a journey, the reaching of the finishing line, the climbing of a mountain. A sense of joy and serenity, just as when the storm ends, the clouds lift allowing the rays of light from the sun to light up the path travelled.

Marzia Boaglio

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 25 × 27 × 17 cm



Brown, Dark Brown, Wood