Isaac Piñeiro Design Studio

The Km Zero project seemed interesting to me from the beginning. When Sanna invited me to participate, I instantly thought of Santi, a neighborhood carpenter with whom I regularly collaborate. In wood due to the warmth of the material. And later, during the ideation process, I thought of the bank as a representative element of closeness and collectivity, so necessary at the moment.

The idea of ​​working with a pice of bent laminated wood that I had in the studio had been in my head for a long time. It was not clear what I wanted to do, what would come out of this piece or if it would end up in a corner. Until now, it has only been one more material among the standard pieces that I have as a working base, which I usually turn to at the beginning of some projects. After analyzing various ideas and possibilities I thought of a seat, the curvature was comfortable and helped me to adopt a good posture. Immediately I thought about taking advantage of the maximum surface of the piece and from there I arrived at the bench. The option of building a wooden base seemed the most logical, for using the same material and for being close to the joinery workshop.

I wanted to use the minimum number of processes and elements, both in the workshop and in the structure. It was clear to me that it was an exercise in simplicity, taking advantage of another panel in the workshop and working with the thickness and proportions to build a coherent, light and simple shape.

A handmade shy element to make our day to day more pleasant.


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