Marta Ayala Herrera Studio

2/1 is a piece that reflects on contemporary western society. This society that looked the disease from a distance and the pandemic exploded inside it.

Western society is an unconsolidated sum of independent units. In other words, we are a group of individuals with interests that orbit around our own ego and that share a common space. The context in which we live rewards and encourages this tunnel vision and the construction of everyone’s bubble.

However, the arrival of a crisis in the space where we live has exposed the shortcomings and inconveniences that this type of society offers us. Confinement has allowed us to reflect on the limits and correlation of our existence with other people.

The piece is presented as a bench for two people with individual seats. In this way, they can sit independently but not together. These seats are delimited by functional elements that represent the individualistic limits of each person. In turn, there is a structural part that is essential for the bench that connects both seats underneath.


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